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Information on medical functions

In accordance with the Medical Care Act, all medical institutions are required to report the information relating to medical functions to the governing prefectural government, and the prefectural government is required to provide access to such information.

Director-General Nobuyuki Enomoto
Foundation April 1, 1983
Opening of hospital October 1, 1983
Commencement of medical practice October 12, 1983
Number of beds 618 beds


Hospital function index

The national university hospitals carry out education, research, and medical care activities, while promoting the roles and functions of the institutions in the recent changes in social situations and acknowledging the methods of social contributions in the area of medicine and medical care.

Also, as public institutions that operate on public funds (such as health care fee and the subsidy for operating expense), the national university hospitals are obliged to disclose information on the activities and results of activities to the society and fulfill the responsibility for the explanation.

The hospital function index for national university hospitals was established by the board of director-generals of national university hospitals as a common indicator that enables the national university hospitals in Japan to improve their quality of functions in an independent and proactive manner, as well as to disclose the status and results of activities to the society in order to acquire their understanding and trust.

The University of Yamanashi Hospital will publish the evaluation index according to the principles stated above.

Hospital function index

The University of Yamanashi Hospital had undergone renewal assessment of the Hospital Function Evaluation Version 6.0 by the Japan Council for Quality Health Care and received the applicable accreditation in March 2010.

The hospital function evaluation is a mechanism where the Japan Council for Quality Health Care evaluates the hospital according to the specified evaluation items to assess whether the basic activities (functions) of the hospital, which allows the hospital to provide medical care in an organized manner, is being carried out appropriately.

The University of Yamanashi Hospital will not remain content with this accreditation and will continue to ensure the system of cooperation between all staff and make further improvements to create a hospital that satisfies individuals.

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