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Philosophy and Goal of the Hospital

Philosophy of the Hospital

Creating a hospital that satisfies the individuals

We work towards the creation of a hospital that satisfies the individual users of the hospitals, including those who receive treatment and those who are involved in medical care, in order to achieve the mission of the hospital.

Goal of the Hospital

Medical care that involves thinking together with the patients

We aim towards a patient-oriented humanitarian medical care where the human rights of the patients are respected and where the medical care providers think together with the patients.

Safe, high-quality medical care

As an advanced treatment hospital, we carry out high level medical care, and in addition, we pay utmost attention for the safety of medical care with aim for a safe and reliable medical care with improved patient QOL (quality of life).

Comfortable environment of medical care

We aim to create an environment of medical care that allows us to provide the optimal medical care for the patients.

Efficient medical care

We realize appropriate staff positioning and utilize a medical information management system to increase the efficiency of medical care.

Development of high quality medical care staff

We aim to enrich the education in medical care to develop medical care staff with high global capacity who are also capable of protecting human dignity and increasing specialized knowledge.

Clinical Ethics Policies

The staff at this hospital will provide safe, high-quality medical care according to the policies shown on this page under the philosophy of “creating a hospital that satisfies the individuals.”

  1. We will respect the human rights of individuals.
  2. We will adhere to relevant laws and regulations and observe the guidelines.
  3. In regards to the individual medical acts that are considered to include ethical issues, these will be discussed to determine the policy.
  4. Clinical research for medical advancement will be conducted after discussion and approval by the faculty institutional review board.

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