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Rights and Responsibilities

The basic rights and responsibilities of patients who receive medical care at this hospital, based on the philosophy of this hospital, are shown on this page.


  1. At this hospital, the patients are able to receive appropriate medical care in a equal stance to the medical care provider.
  2. The patients are able to receive sufficient information and explanation regarding the health condition, the current state of the disease, details of treatment, and outlook of treatment until the patients are satisfied.
  3. The patients are able to decide the treatment method by their own will upon receiving sufficient information from the medical care provider.
  4. The patient may refuse to be the subject of education and practical training carried out at this hospital for the students.
  5. The patient may refuse to be the subject of treatments for research carried out at this hospital.
  6. The patients will not suffer any losses from refusing the provision of medical care by the hospital against the will of the patient or from refusing cooperation in education, research, etc.
  7. The medical information at the hospital will be protected, and the privacy will be respected to the fullest.
  8. The patients are allowed to request the disclosure of their medical records.
  9. We will provide the patients who wish to receive opinions at other hospitals, etc. (second opinion) with the details of medical practice at this hospital.


  1. The patients are obliged to report their health conditions and other necessary information as accurately as possible to the medical care provider in order to receive appropriate medical care.
  2. The patients are obliged to sufficiently understand and be satisfied with the explanation, treatment policies, etc., provided by the medical care provider.
  3. In order for us to provide appropriate medical care to all patients, the patients are required to adhere to the rules specified by the hospital, and to provide consideration to avoid interference in the treatments and provision of medical care to other patients.
  4. Hospitals are places where many people are present, including patients who are receiving treatment, people caring for the patients, and medical professionals. The patients are required to strictly refrain from any nuisance behavior (such as talking in loud voices) and antisocial behavior (verbal abuse, violence, or sexual harassment).


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