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Information on outpatient care

Patients visiting for the first time (initial consultation)

  1. The initial consultation hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
  2. Please take a “medical service application form” at Information Desk.
  3. Please fill in the “medical service application form.”
  4. Please bring the following three items to “reception counter 1″ (initial consultation counter) of the Medical Affairs Division and wait to be called.
    “Medical service application form” (filled)
    “Patient referral confirmation slip” (prepared at this hospital)
    “Health insurance card”
  5. We will call you when the reception process is complete, and give the reception ticket (calling and cashier number slip) and consultation ticket in a blue file. Your health insurance card will also be returned to you. Please submit the blue file to the reception counter of the clinical department you will be visiting, and wait until you are called. We will also give you a patient reception ticket. Please keep this ticket safe until the cashier process is finished.
  6. We call the patients by number as a consideration for the privacy of people who visit this hospital.

*Consultation tickets are used across all clinical departments. Please keep this ticket safe. A fee will be charged for a reissue of the consultation ticket.

*Some clinical departments require a “letter of referral” or “appointment made by the medical institution.” Please check by viewing the page “information for outpatient care” or by phone (+81-55-273-1111) before you visit the hospital.

Patients who have made an appointment for a revisit (revisit)

  1. The opening hours for reception are two hours before the time of the appointment; however, reception opens at 8:00 a.m. If you have made an appointment, please check-in using the “revisit device.”
  2. Please insert the consultation ticket in the “revisit device,” then confirm the clinical department for the day of appointment and touch the “confirm” button on the screen. Two reception tickets (calling and cashier ticket) will be issued. One of these tickets is for the patient to keep. Please hold on to this ticket.
  3. Please insert “one reception ticket,” “consultation ticket,” and “appointment slip” in a blue file and submit this to the reception counter of the clinical department you will be visiting first. Please wait until your number is called.
  4. Please have the health insurance card with you because we will check the card on your first visit of the month.
    Also, if there are any changes made to your health insurance card during the month, please be sure to notify the “reception counter” of the Medical Affairs Division.

*If the reception process is not clear or if you have forgotten the consultation card, please see the “reception counter” of the Medical Affairs Division.

*Please be advised that the time and number of appointments may change due to unforeseen circumstances.


Patients who are revisiting without appointment (initial consultation, revisit)

  1. If you are visiting a clinical department for the first time, the reception hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
  2. If you are revisiting a clinical department, the reception hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 11 a.m.
  3. Please submit the consultation ticket, health insurance card, etc. to the reception counter. If you have a letter of referral, please submit this also.
  4. When the reception process is complete, you will be handed the reception ticket (calling and cashier number slip) and the consultation ticket in a blue file. Please submit this file to the reception counter of the clinical department you will be visiting.

Procedures after consultation

Calculation of fees

  1. After the consultation has finished, please present the blue file, containing the consultation tickets and other documents to “Reception counter 4″ of the Medical Affairs Division.
  2. We check the health insurance card every month. Please present your health insurance card at your first visit at the hospital of the month. Please also present your health insurance card if changes have been made to the card during the month.
  3. If you are being dispensed some medication, you will be given an “external prescription” or “medication exchange ticket.”
  4. After the fee has been calculated, the “calling and cashier number” will be displayed on the LCD screen.
  5. If you see your number being displayed, please proceed to “Reception counter 5″ or the automatic payment device to make a payment.

*The breakdown of the consultation fee is displayed on the receipt. Please ask the counter staff if anything is unclear.

*Please keep the receipt safe as it cannot be reissued.

*Please be advised that the fee calculation may not finish in the order of reception, depending on the details of the consultation and other reasons.

*Credit cards can be used for payment. Please ask at the counter if you wish to pay by credit cards.


Receiving medications outside the hospital

  1. Please receive the medication at a dispensing pharmacy in exchange for the external prescription issued by the hospital.
  2. For details about dispensing pharmacies, please ask the staff in the “external prescription consultation area” located on the right hand side of the entrance hall. By using the fax service, you can receive the medication with a shorter waiting time and at a time convenient for you.

*The external prescription is valid within four days from the date of issue inclusive. The prescription becomes invalid after five or more days from the date of issue, and you will no longer be able to receive medication. In such cases, the prescription needs to be reissued; however, you will be charged a fee for the reissue of the prescription.

Receiving medication in the hospital

  1. The exchange number is displayed on the medication exchange ticket. Please wait at the reception counter of the Department of Pharmacy.
  2. When your number is displayed on the electric signboard of the Department of Pharmacy, please take the exchange ticket to the medication counter to receive the medication.

*This hospital promotes the separation of medical practice and drug dispensation in accordance with the guidance of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. We ask that the medication is prescribed by an “external prescription” to the extent possible.

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