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Life during hospitalization


  • The hospital has rental sleepwear (pajama) available. However, you are free to use your own sleepwear. Please ask at the “Admission/Discharge Reception” of the Medical Affairs Division at the time of admission procedure.
  • The fee for the rental hospital garment is not covered by insurance and will be paid as out-of-pocket expense (70 yen per day).
  • Bedding will be prepared by the hospital.
  • The bedding and garments prepared by the hospital will be exchanged and washed regularly.


The times of meals at the hospital are as follows:

Breakfast 7:30~8:30
Lunch 12:00~13:00
Dinner 18:00~18:30
  • The intake of meals may be restricted due to the requirements for medical care.
  • Hospital meals are a part of the treatment. Please refrain from bringing in food and beverages.
    You are not allowed to use the cafeteria and cafe in the hospital during hospitalization.

Points to note

  • The nurse in charge will provide you with detailed explanations on the day of admission.
  • Please follow the instructions given by the doctor or the nurse.
  • If you wish to do something or have something done during hospitalization, please ask your doctor or the nurse.
  • You are not allowed to bring in electronic equipment (television, cooler box, warming pans, etc.), transceivers, etc.
  • Please use the IC card for the use of the television and refrigerator in each room and the washing and drying machines in each ward.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the hospital as this is a medical institution that supports the health of all patients. We ask you for your understanding and cooperation on this matter.
  • The lights are turned off at 9:00 p.m., and the waking time is 6:00 a.m. Please ensure that you have sufficient sleep during hospitalization.
  • Please be advised that we cannot answer external phone calls directly. (We will notify you if you receive a call. ) The public phones are located in the elevator hall of all floors.
  • Mobile phones may be used in the hospital under certain conditions. Please set the phone to silent mode while in the hospital. The locations where you are allowed to use the phone are the elevator hall, dayroom, and other locations displayed in various sections of the hospital. Please check before using your mobile phone.
  • Please make sure to notify the nurse if you are leaving the ward.
  • If you wish to go outside the hospital or stay overnight out of the hospital, please consult the doctor or head nurse.
  • Please write the name of the ward and the name of department as the address of postal materials. The post is located in front of the entrance hall of the hospital.
  • Please make sure to check the evacuation route in preparation for emergency (such as earthquake and fire). Announcement will be made in the hospital in case of an emergency. Please follow the evacuation guidance by the doctor or nurse. 

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