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Information on the Emergency Room

Information on the Emergency Room

The University of Yamanashi Hospital is actively involved in emergency medical care within Yamanashi Prefecture. All patients who visit the hospital for a sickness during nighttime or on holidays, including the emergency patients transported by ambulances, are handled in the Emergency Room. Please notify and consult by phone before visiting the hospital.

Phone number: +81-55-273-1113 (nighttime representative)

What to bring to the consultation

  • Consultation ticket (for patients who have previously visited this hospital)
  • Letter of referral (if available)

The entrance of the Emergency Room is located at the afterhours entrance (admission/discharge entrance) towards the hospital car park. The Night Reception is located in this entrance.

After hours entrance is closed from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on weekdays.

Unlike the normal outpatient consultation, emergency care often handles cases of race against time. For this reason, please be advised that patients may not always be attended in the order of reception.

Cashier processing cannot be carried out at the Emergency Room. Please make payments at the cashier counter at a later date.

In principle, the medication is prescribed for three days maximum at the Emergency Room.

*The main purpose of the consultation at the Emergency Room is to deal with emergency patients in severe distress. If there are no urgent symptoms (such as the same symptom continuing for a few days), you will be required to undergo further examination and treatment at the general outpatient department on weekdays at a later date. Please use the general outpatient department for diagnosis and treatment based on close examinations. We may ask you to wait for assistance due to the treatment, surgery, etc., of patients requiring urgent care. Please contact the hospital by phone before visiting. 

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