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Information on the sections

List of central facilities

Name of the section Summary of operations
Department of Clinical Laboratory Specializes in laboratory testing.
Surgical Center Facility where surgery is conducted for various clinical departments.
Department of Radiology Department where radiation is used for examination, diagnosis, and treatment.
Supply Center The necessary equipment and materials are stored, managed, and supplied as required.
Division of Transfusion Medicine and Cell Therapy Conducts examinations related to blood transfusions and manages blood for transfusions.
Department of Emergency Medicine Conducts the initial care of patients in severe conditions, mainly those transported in ambulances, as well as the subsequent life-saving procedures, in cooperation with various clinical departments.
Department of Critical Care Medicine Conducts intensive treatment for patients who are in the most severe conditions at this hospital and hospitals in Yamanashi Prefecture.
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit  
 Department of Pathology  Provides high-quality tissue and cell diagnosis for the attending physicians and patients.
Labor and Delivery Department  Provides perinatal medical care for normal pregnancy as well as abnormal pregnancy.
Division of Rehabilitation Mainly conducts acute period rehabilitation, as well as rehabilitation in hospital ward, physiotherapy, exercise therapy for diabetes mellitus as a part of prevention of lifestyle-related disorders, and guidance for athletes in the prefecture (including rehabilitation).
 Blood Purification Center  General blood purification treatment.
 Department of Endoscopy Examination and treatment using gastrointestinal endoscopy and bronchoscopy.
 Department of General Medicine and Infection  ontrol  
 Clinical Trial Management Office Inquiry office for clinical trials, and provides support for the conduct of clinical trials.
 Clinical Engineering Center  Provides clinical technology for advanced medical devices and carries out maintenance and control of general medical devices.
 Center for Medical Team

 Supports medical and nursing care for inpatients with cooperation of staff across different work areas as the main operation.

 Center for Reproductive Medicine and Infertility  Provides advanced reproductive medical care for infertility.
 Oncology Center (Outpatient Ambulatory   Treatment Center) Acts as the cancer consultation support office, outpatient ambulatory treatment center, and in-hospital cancer registration center.
Center for Liver Disease  As the headquarter hospital for collaboration of liver disorder care, cooperates with other specialist medical institutions to provide patients and medical professionals with information on liver disorders and supports consultation on liver consultation.
Oral Implant Center Carries out regeneration of alveolar bone and occlusal reconstruction using dental implant (implantation of artificial tooth).
Center for Genetic Medicine   Provides counseling and appropriate medical care for genetic disorders.
Cardiovascular and Emergency Center Accepts and treats patients with severe and emergency cases of circulatory disorders in Yamanashi Prefecture.


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