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Issue of medical certificates and other certificates

Medical certificates and other certificates

  1. Please fill in the necessary items on the “application form for the issue of medical certificate, etc.,” which can be found at “reception counter 6″ of the Medical Certificate counter, Medical Affairs Division. If you have the specified forms available, please submit this with the application form.
  2. A power of attorney will be required if the application is submitted by persons other than the patients or their families.
  3. After the reception procedure is complete, we will give you the “medical certificate receipt slip.” Please bring this when receiving the medical certificate.
  4. The planned timing of issue is two weeks after the application procedure; however, please be advised that this period is set as a guideline only.

Disclosure of medical information

  1. “Rules on the disclosure of medical information at the University of Yamanashi Hospital” (effective April 1, 2004) have been established.
  2. This has been established to actively provide the medical information to the patients receiving medical care at this hospital, and for the medical care provider to share the medical information with the patient, thereby establishing a satisfactory relationship between these parties and aiming for a higher quality and open medical care.
  3. The person entitled to request the disclosure of information is set as the patients themselves. However, the legal representative may request the disclosure if the patient is a minor or unable to make rational decisions. In addition, the bereaved families of the patient may request the disclosure of information.
  4. The information will be disclosed according to the “guidelines on the provision of medical information, etc. in national university hospitals;” however, please be advised that some of the requested medical information may not be disclosed.
  5. Please contact the Medical Affairs Division of this hospital for further details on requesting the disclosure of information.

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