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Request from the hospital

The purpose of this hospital is to conduct medical education and research in an integrated manner through the medical care we provide you. We ask for your understanding and cooperation. We ask the people visiting the hospital to keep the following items:


Smoking is prohibited in the entire hospital site. We ask for your understanding and cooperation.

Car parks

The hospital provides a multistory car park for people visiting the hospital by car (especially for outpatients). Multistory car park has a “priority car spaces for people with wheelchairs.” where outpatients with difficulty walking (as the driver) has priority parking. You will need a “car park permit” to use this space. Please refrain strictly from parking in the parking space allocated specially for taxis and buses. We ask for your understanding and cooperation on this matter.

The following parties may use the hospital car park:

  1. Outpatients (100 yen each time)
  2. Persons attending or visiting the patients (100 yen up to 8 hours; for period over 8 hours, 1,000 yen will be charged additional up to 24 hours, and 1,000 yen will be charged additionally for every 24 hours subsequently))
  3. If you lose the parking ticket, you will be required to pay 5,000 yen (or the regular fee if the time of entrance is clear).

To enter the multistory hospital car park, enter the front entrance of the hospital and turn left.

The method of using the multistory hospital car park is as follows:

  1. Please collect the parking ticket at the entrance gate when entering the car park.
  2. Please keep this parking ticket safe.
  3. When exiting the hospital car park, insert the parking ticket in the payment machine and pay the amount specified.
  4. Please contact the certificate counter 6 for the use of priority car space for people with wheelchair, etc.
  5. Please be advised that we will not be liable for any accidents in the car park.

Consultation tickets

Consultation tickets are used permanently in all clinical departments. Please keep the ticket safe and make sure to bring it when visiting the hospital. If you fail to bring the consultation ticket, the reception process may take longer. Also, a fee will be charged for reissue of the consultation tickets due to misplacement.

Health insurance card

We check the health insurance card every month. Please present your health insurance card at your first visit at the hospital of the month. If we cannot confirm the health insurance care, we may ask you to receive consultation at your own expense. Also, if there are any changes made to your health insurance card during the month, please make sure to present your health insurance card.

Work-related injuries and motor accidents

If you are visiting the hospital for injuries and motor accidents that occurred during work (including commuting period), please notify the staff.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones may be used in the hospital under certain conditions. Please set the phone to silent mode when bringing into the hospital. The locations where you are allowed to use the phone are elevator hall, day room, and other locations displayed in various sections of the hospital. Please check before using your mobile phone.

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